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White people seeking to do activism in solidarity: keep an eye on this page for updates and asks for help! 

Publishing insiders (agents, editors, publishers): keep an eye on this page as well! We will ask for help. 

In addition:

We do a lot. During especially-busy times, the amount of hours we put into one week can count as a part-time job. This form of online activism is especially hard for low-income folks in our community. We deserve compensation for the organizing, community building, and activism we do so that we can continue to do it.

All of us work independently, some of us, anonymously. Some of Our Voices is not a profit-venture, and is are not a charity. Our donation strategy ensures that we never will become one.

Every month, each of us who contribute labor to Some of Our Voices input our hours into a master spreadsheet viewable by all involved. The spreadsheet looks something like this:

Compensation is currently at $10/hour. At the end of the month, we sum up all of the hours and multiply them by $10. We then start a You Caring campaign with the goal of reaching this total monetary sum. The campaign will be cut off once the sum is reached. The money will then be distributed in accordance with the labor people put in.

If we do not raise this total sum by one week, one of two things will happen:

1) We will halt all work on Some of Our Voices until the figure is raised.

2) We all will be compensated, bottom-up, with the money we did raise. This means that everyone who put in labor receives some compensation, while the few who did the most labor will not be fully compensated. The lesser of the two evils, this ensures that Some of Our Voices remains a grassroots, people-gathering organization.

As writers of color, we go through a lot, and we do a lot. Many of us have, for years, given so much to the writing and publishing community with little-to-nothing in return. It has almost become accepted. But not by us. We wish to protect, nurture, and heal ourselves.

If you support our work and wish to compensate our labor with your donations, please keep track of this page and our Twitter account. Both will be updated once a You Caring campaign is underway.

Each You Caring will look different, so a full and detailed account of expenditures will be posted in the bio of each You Caring campaign.

Thank you so much.

With revolutionary love,

Some of Our Voices

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